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4 Winthrop Pl

4 Winthrop Pl
Historic District Survey information for 4 Winthrop Pl
Architectural Description: 4 Winthrop Place is a 1-1/2-story, 3-bay dwelling; gable-front roof has a full-width shed dormer on west roof slope; interior brick chimney at peak; exterior is clad in wood shingles with wood corner boards and trim; frieze board; fenestration is 6/1 wood DHS throughout; sidehall entrance on front (north) facade is accessed by a wood pane-and-panel door with modern aluminum storm door, reached by 2 concrete steps; rear 1-story gable-roof section with 1-story shed vestibule extending from west side.
Dwellings, Historic Districts--Massachusetts--Provincetown, and Winthrop Place (Provincetown, Mass.)
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