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Provincetown Cold Storage Co. Employee Wage Records 1940 and 1941

Provincetown Cold Storage Co. Employee Wage Records 1940 and 1941
Composition notebook containing Social Security Act and Unemployment Compensation, Social Security numbers, wages and hours worked for 1940 and 1941. Records include those of the following employees: Anthony Joseph Alves, Joseph Steele Jr.,Ernest Irmer, Philip S. Days, Francis J. Alves, Albert G. Brown, John Davis Jr., Ralph C. Fields, Peter Ferreira, William O. Edwards Jr., Francis H. Edwards Jr., Manuel B. Costa, Edmund F. Santos, Janet Warren Lewis, T. Julian Lewis Manager, Louis A. Law Treasurer, Joseph Dennis, Louis Alves Serpa, Manuel Freitus Jacobs, Charles Francis Edwards Jr.,Frank Dutra, Edmund Reis, Stanley K. Johnson, Francis Anthony Veara, Clarence Joseph Simmons, John Gaspe, Frank Cable Jr., Manuel Simmons, Joseph Burgess, Arthur Bascomb Mayo, Sears Edwards, John Francis Crane, J. Crane Jr., Anthony Boatman, William Howard Souza, Austin Jason, Bernard Avila, Herbert Edwards, Orelle D'Entremont, Joseph Souza, Albert Chester Fields, Frank Taves, Joseph Ferry Oliver, Joseph Mitchell Days, John Rose Raymond, John Dutra Fields, Arthur Roderick, Joseph Raymond Perry, Joseph Joseph.
Provincetown Cold Storage
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