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Postcards from Ada Gilmore

Postcards from Ada Gilmore
Three postcards sent by artist Ada Gilmore (1883-1955), who lived at 3 Central Street with her husband artist Oliver Chaffee. A transcript of the first postcard notes that she could see the ocean and a lighthouse from her front door, which is now no longer possible due to the construction in the 1970's of the motel known as the Boatslip Resort. She also mentions the town of Vence, a town in France between Nice and Antibes, where she and her husband maintained a home for many years. Margie, referenced in the postcard, is Ada Gilmore's sister. Two additional postcards to her brother Robert, dated December 1930 and October 1937 are also transcribed. The postcards were loaned to the Provincetown History Project by Denise Avallon.
Art, Central Street (Provincetown, Mass.), Gosnold Street (Provincetown, Mass.), and Provincetown (Mass.)--History--20th century

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