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Kelly’s Corner 156 - Arnie Charnick’s Popeye Show

Kelly’s Corner 156 -  Arnie Charnick’s Popeye Show
Jan Kelly writes a weekly column for Provincetown Magazine. Talking with Arnie Charnick is a show in itself. Arnie expresses himself in individualistic, ever-changing; growing language- I can't wait to read his book! Yes! Book! More on that later. If you have ever bopped by or strolled by Spiritus Pizza, you certainly know Arnie Charnick. Spiritus Pizza is his "gallery." He designed Spiritus-did the signs and usually has a panoramic show after Labor Day. I'll give you a history of his six great shows of Provincetown, yes I will. BUT this year his "show" will be a tribute to Maurice "Popeye" Enos. You'll be thrilled, have a great time and you'll be helpful to our cause.
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