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  • Joyce Johnson Interviews Ida Crocker, Pt.1 (9-10 & 12-9, ??)
    Joyce Johnson WOMR "Sands of Time" interview with Ida Roderick Crocker, Pt.1 ((10 &...
    Format: Audio
    Subjects: Autobiography, Biography, Fishers--Massachusetts--Provincetown, Fishes, Fishing, Fishing nets, Provincetown (Mass.)--History--20th century, Art, Boats and boating, Boston Post, Cold Storages, Commercial Street (Provincetown, Mass.), Death, Dories (boats), Families, Fathers, Fish trapping, Fishermen, Guesthouses, Historic Districts--Massachusetts--Provincetown, MacMillan Wharf (Provincetown, Mass.), Schooners, Shipwrecks, Weirs, Vorse, Mary Heaton, and Business
  • Milestones in Provincetown Theater
    A summary of the milestones in Provincetown Theater from 1620 to 2007, researched and written by...
    Collection: Theater
    Format: Text
    Subjects: Art, Barnstormers, The, Lipton Cup (trophy), Literature, Pilgrim Monument, Portland Gale, Provincetown (Mass.)--History--17th Century, Provincetown (Mass.)--History--18th century, Provincetown (Mass.)--History--19th century, Provincetown (Mass.)--History--20th century, Provincetown (Mass.)--History--21st century, Provincetown Players, Theater--Massachusetts--Provincetown--History--20th Century, Theaters, Critchley, Jay, and Vorse, Mary Heaton
  • Scrapbook # 1 1934 forward
    The first of four scrapbooks of various newspaper clippings beginning ca. 1934 and going into the...
    Collection: Municipal
    Format: Newsprint
    Subjects: Architecture, domestic--Massachusetts--Provincetown, Art, Atlantic Fisherman, Barnstable County (Mass.) History, Cape Cod (Mass.) History, Churches, Dories (boats), Dwellings, Fish trade--Massachusetts--Provincetown, Fisheries--Massachusetts--Provincetown--History, Fishermen, Fishing boats--Massachusetts--Provincetown, Fishing villages--Massachusetts--Provincetown, Guesthouses, Highland Light (U.S), Historic buildings--Massachusetts-Provincetown, Industries, Lifesaving stations--Massachusetts, Military history, Peaked Hill Bars Station, Provincetown (Mass.)--History--20th century, Provincetown Art Association & Museum, Provincetown Players, Sailing ships, Schooners, Telegram, Theater--Massachusetts--Provincetown--History--20th Century, Town Crier, Whaling--Massachusetts--Provincetown--History, Hawthorne, Charles, MacMillan, Donald B., and Vorse, Mary Heaton
  • Lorelei, a journal of arts and letters - 1924
    Lorelei a magazine, first edition in August , 1924. Harry Kemp and Mary Heaton Vorse were amoung...
    Collection: Municipal
    Format: Artwork
    Subjects: Advertising, Art galleries, Commercial, Hunt, Peter, Kemp, Harry, and Vorse, Mary Heaton
  • Cape Cod Compass Magazine - Provincetown
    An article entitled 'Provincetown' by Gordon Smith in Volume 31 of The Cape Cod Compass Magazine,...
    Collection: Municipal
    Format: Text
    Subjects: Barnstable County (Mass.) History, Cape Cod (Mass.) History, Dune Shacks--Peaked Hill Bars Historic District, Fishing villages, Fishing villages--Massachusetts--Provincetown, Mayo, Jr., Charles A., Provincetown (Mass.)--History--20th century, Theater--Massachusetts--Provincetown--History--20th Century, and Vorse, Mary Heaton
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