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Kelly’s Corner 178 - Clarence Kacergis' WeldingShop

Kelly’s Corner 178 - Clarence Kacergis' WeldingShop
Jan Kelly writes a weekly column for Provincetown Magazine. “One of the most interesting stops in town is the corner of Nickerson and Bradford Streets: Clarence Kacergis' Welding Shop. You're thinking "Welding ? What's so interesting about gates, pipes or a utilitarian small business?" Well, begin with Clarence, add his family and his welding shop, which also happens to be a heavy duty Fantasyland. Besides repairs and steel necessities, there are industrial strength sculptures everywhere you look. Birds, plants, cattails out of copper tubing, leaves cut from fuel tanks, leaves or shovels turned over and painted green, bumpers and bike parts, witches, fish, butterflies and flowers, a bowler with punk-hair-welding cable and spring-arms-to-throw-the-ball weather vanes, sailboats lined for a race, sculptures whirling and waving or taking a stolid stance displaying a usually light and airy subject.”
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